TINY TOTS (Ages 2-3): This program introduces toddler aged children to the world of dance by combining ballet, tap and creative movement techniques. Dancers are taught beginning ballet positions and terminology, body isolations and movement as well as beginning tap footwork.

COMBO (Ages 4-5): These 30 minutes classes are designed for preschool aged children allowing for them to begin to develop each style of dance independently. Dancers are taught basic techniques in Jazz, Ballet, and Tap. Any combination of these classes may be taken together.

TAP (Ages 6 & Up): Our tap program starts with basic footwork, turns, rhythm and musicality and expands into sophisticated rhythm combinations including advanced turns and performance techniques. Students also develop timing and coordination while strengthening legs and feet.

ACRO/TUMBLING (Ages 6 & Up): Tumbling methods & tricks are taught while gaining overall muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

BALLET (Ages 6 & Up): Students will learn overall dance technique, basic barre and center floor exercises. Students will gain insight to proper body posture and placement, along with development of grace and poise.

HIP HOP (Ages 6 & Up): Hip hop is a unique genre of dance that derives from classical styles in a nontraditional fashion while allowing for individual styles and attitude. Our hip hop classes will challenge students to experience and encompass a variety of body movements. Classes will focus on rhythm, posture, isolations, musicality, and performance.

JAZZ & LYRICAL (Ages 6 & Up): This program focuses on style, dynamics and the importance of technique through across the floor exercises and combinations. Classes will encourage dancers to perform movements through expression and emotion.